Supporting the resettlement of persons with intellectual disabilities from the residential institution of Demir Kapija into community based supported living settings




Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece)


Association for Development Humanost

North Macedonia

Municipality of Demir Kapija

North Macedonia


KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre is a Greek non-profit organization with more than 40 years of experience in supporting vulnerable groups. Alongside with direct provision of social services, its expertise pertains to designing and implementing impactful and innovative social initiatives in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Employment, Care & Wellbeing and Scientific Research and development of know-how on social policy issues, aiming at building resilient communities with equal opportunities for all.

KMOP is at the forefront of efforts to implement community-based mental health care in Greece. It is operating three Care Homes for persons with mental illnesses and a Day Care Centre for people with less severe mental disorders, providing competent, integrated and non-stigmatizing mental health services. All four structures were established in 2004 – as part of the deinstitutionalisation reform that took place in Greece – and have been in constant operation ever since. KMOP’s holistic services aim to empower people with mental health problems and their carers, promote their rights and fight discrimination and stigmatization.


Association for Development Humanost  is a pioneer in the development of non-institutional social protection in North Macedonia, providing home-care services for the elderly, people with disabilities, people with dementia-Alzheimer’s disease and intellectual disabilities. Since 2008, it has acquired experience in the field of daily care centers and home care services for the elderly, persons with disabilities (physical and intellectual) and the provision of psycho-social and medical support for people in social risk. Association for Development Humanост has a team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and certified caregivers and assistants, and at the moment manages a home care service with 90 beneficiaries in Skopje. This good practice will be implemented this year in other Municipalities (Strumica, Resen and Demir Kapija). It is licensed by MoLSP to provide social services, and all its services are provided in close cooperation with the local governments and MoLSP.


Municipality of Demir Kapija (MoDK), as a local authority, has responsibilities in managing the Special Institute in Demir Kapija and has to cooperate with MoLSP and the Institute for Social Activities for the implementation of the Deinstitutionalisation Strategy. During the past two years, it has gained experience in supporting, renovating and opening several small group homes in Demir Kapija, Negotino and surrounding villages in the Municipality of Demir Kapija (Timjanik and Koreshnica) for residents of the Special Institute.

MoDK plays a key role in the deinstitutionalisation process of Demir Kapija institution and is responsible for the planning, management and monitoring/evaluation of decentralised social services. MoDK will support the research and development of the community-based support model and will actively contribute to facilitating collaboration and communication with target groups and relevant stakeholders.